Triggers For Over-Eating During The Winter Season

February 16, 2017 Julia Chubarov Comments

With the winter season here and it is a time when we are prone to overeating. We might be more tired as the colder season is here so may exercise less and eat more. Some of us might get board or get cabin fever because we are stuck in the house all day because of the super cold months and when we are bored we are prone to overeating.

Of course, then we have the holiday season in the winter as well, and well, it is definitely easy to overeat when presented with a smorgasbord of holiday dishes and delights to choose from….just one more piece of pumpkin pie …just one turkey sandwich as a snack before bedtime… just one more Christmas cookie…we are all too familiar with the routine and what we tell ourselves we are overeating and we want to override or brain, conscious, and our good old common sense!

What is even worse is that your subconscious might end up working against you. Per researchers originating from the University of Exeter in the United Kingdom, we have evolved and our subconscious delivers to us urges to overeat and this make it all too easy to gain undesirable pounds. Genetics plays a role in the likelihood of weight gain, other factors also come into play. Let’s see what you can do to prevent the addition of those undesirable holiday and winter season pounds.

 Seasonal Depression

There’s something about the post-holiday season or the disgusting weather that makes a recipe for sadness. Sad feelings: Some people suffer from sad feelings a lot during the winter months. In fact, SAD is Seasonal Affective Disorder in which the individual suffers from depression when the seasons change. The theory suggests that the diminished amount of light triggers the depression. During this time, the feelings of despondency will trigger a person to eat more in an effort to comfort themselves.

Use a resource to track the meals you consume. You are less likely to overeat when you document everything you do eat, and those who journal about dieting tend to lose weight faster than those who don’t. Finally, don’t enough feelings of depression, especially those lasting longer than two weeks – if you are experiencing depression for extended periods of time, it is time to speak with you physician.

 Feeling Sluggish?

We tend to want to avoid the cold as much as possible, so we stay indoors and we don’t move around as much when we do. We can begin to become lackadaisical, and we might start lounging around instead of getting the exercise the body needs to feel fresh, revived, and energetic. When we don’t get in on enough activity, movement, and exercise, we can start eating the wrong foods and eating them fast. If you hate the idea of a rigid exercise routine, try being imaginative about how you can move to lose weight.

For instance, you might want to get a DVD and teach yourself how to square dance, line dance, or maybe you can partner up with a friend and you can both learn how to waltz. Or why not take simple strides to lose weight – park your car further away from the store so you can walk the span of the parking lot. Don on your heavy winter coat and walk a few blocks just to get the blood flowing. Do what you can to break through the sluggish haze and get moving!

  Hate the Cold?

If you hate the cold you are in good company because few people like the sensation of cold. Staying indoors by the fire, reading a good book…ah…and of course, making a big fat mug of hot chocolate topped with marshmallows…now that is a romantic image and cozy too! (Here is where you would hear the proverbial record needle scratching off the spinning vinyl record). Yes, a little too cozy because it only serves to pack on pounds through the extra calorie consumption. It is okay to sip at a hot beverage to warm up and you can do so with some super low calorie options like coffee or tea instead. Keep the creamer light too; use skim milk instead of whole mile, or use two tablespoons of half and half.

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