The Benefits of Dancing for Seniors

July 28, 2016 Julia Chubarov Comments

Without a doubt music brings people together. Whether it’s singing, playing, or dancing to it, music is usually a social and creative act. This of course has a positive impact for the body and soul; but right now, we’re going to focus on the benefits that dancing brings to seniors.

These are some of the greatest benefits of dancing for seniors:

  1. It improves physical health.

One of the last possible things seniors would like is to spend their days at the gym. Dancing offers a fun way to get all the benefits that exercise has. As you move around to the rhythm, you strengthen your muscles, improve coordination and blood circulation, and practice your balance. As if this wasn’t enough, some very interesting studies have concluded that dancing can aid in the prevention of conditions like arthritis, other joint afflictions, and even some forms of dementia.

  1. It can spark creativity.

Let’s admit it –everyone has their own signature move. Seniors, and really anyone else, get a change to be as creative and original as they want when dancing. In fact, even when following coordinated steps, dancing can ignite that creative spark that is often neglected.  Dancing can be inspiring, relaxing and cathartic at the same time. Plus, it gives you the chance to listen to music that’ll take you back to great memories.

  1. It helps to maintain mental wellbeing.

Dancing is physical activity so it’s no wonder that it has been proven that busting out your dance moves can reduce feelings of anger, sadness and fear. Also, practicing and learning choreography is another kind of exercise for your cognitive abilities such as concentration, memory and decision making.

  1. It can create a community.

When you take a dancing class you’re basically joining a community with others who have similar interests. So apart from being physically and mentally stimulating, dancing gives you the opportunity to socialize and get to engage with people in a fun context.


  1. It can help you sleep better.

Exercise, especially when it’s scheduled and you enjoy doing it, can pretty much guaranty a good night’s sleep, which, has its own whole set of benefits in and of itself. When you mix exercise and a good sleeping routine, what you’re really doing is improving the quality of your life.

We’re guessing that just by reading these wonderful benefits that dancing offers to seniors, you already want to start moving around. That’s why independent living facilities –like our own– offer and promote dance exercises. These activities are entertaining and stimulating….

What are you waiting for?

Let’s dance!

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