Stay in Touch with Your Grandkids: Best Ways for Seniors to Communicate with Your Grandchildren Living far away

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Ways Stay in Touch with GrandkidsThere is always a unique bond between grandparents and their grandkids. As a grandparent, you gain a sense of belonging from your grandchildren while they bask in the unconditional love and attention that you provide. You might feel the bond and connection with your grandkids start to fade if you live a distance from each other. This could be as a result of moving to a senior living community or sickness among other factors. The truth is that you should strive to be an integral part of your grandchildren’s life regardless of the distance. The following tips will help you to communicate and feel close to your grandkids whether you live in an assisted living facility or a Houston independent living community. 

Tips for connecting with your grandkids for the residents of Houston independent living

  1. Send a birthday card for every year

An excellent way to maintain the bond or connection with your grandchildren is to be a part of their life. Try to learn what they are going through, know their hobbies and always be there during their essential occasions such as birthdays. Sending them a birthday card for each year will be a good gesture that you care about their lives. 

  1. Send an old-fashioned letter

As much as letters tend to be old-fashioned modes of communication, they can still do the trick. Although they might be living in the digital world, grandchildren would still love to experience what it felt like to receive a letter. Surprising your grandkids with a letter every once in a while will simply be an implication that you care and think about them every time. They will treasure your letters, and it will ultimately cement a lifelong attachment.  

  1. Video Calls

Courtesy of modern technology, the gap between loved ones living apart can be bridged. Exploring modern technology will surely help you to get the most effective way to stay in touch with your grandkids. Millennials prefer communicating visually to audio communication or text. Your grandchildren will love the idea of communicating with you using smart video calling channels like Skype, Google Video and FaceTime. Such channels are easy to set up and operate. Most importantly, video calls have a more personal connection since you can read emotions compared to phone calls or texting. Moreover, it makes it easier to interact with younger grandkids who can barely speak on the phone or send a text.  

  1. Send a DVD bedtime story

One of the most traditional forms of parenting that is associated with grandparents is telling bedtime stories. There are lots of captivating myths and legends from old times that you can say to your grandkids. Sadly, it might be impossible for you cannot to tell it to them face to face. However, you can record your story on a DVD and send it to them. This way they will still feel your presence through your voice despite your absence.

  1. Start a photo scavenger hunt

Photos are the most significant forms of storing priceless memories. You can utilize photos to stay connected to your grandchildren. You can come up with a photo book that keeps all the images you shared with them. After that, you can share it with them. It will always help them to relate to you and remind them of the fun times you had together.

  1. Social media

Social media is perhaps the most used medium of communication in this century. It will help you to connect with your loved ones. There are numerous forms of social media although some of the most common ones include Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.  

Finally, remember that parenting is all about love. Strengthening the bond with your grandkids is anchored upon love. Always cherish the time you spend together and do not forget to acknowledge their special occasions. Just love them, care for them and all that will be reciprocated back to you. 

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