Stay Active and Healthy with Fun Senior Activities

December 8, 2015 developer Comments
Senior Activity at The Gardens

As we age, we become accustomed to a sedentary lifestyle. We watch television instead of socializing, or munch on snacks instead of dining out. While rest and relaxation is essential during our golden years, remaining active is crucial for health and wellness. Engaging in fun senior activities can provide a plethora of benefits, including higher energy levels, improved mood and memory, and prolonged independence. Here are some top senior activities to enjoy on your own, or alongside friends and family.

From birthdays and anniversaries to winter holiday’s and New Year’s, there’s always a reason to celebrate. These types of celebratory events are not only fun to attend, they also present the perfect social setting to honor friends or holidays. Participate in the excitement by bringing a small gift, making a dish to share, or by offering your assistance with party planning or setting up.

Exercises Classes
Fitness classes for seniors are designed to help maintain the cardiovascular system, while keeping the body fit and flexible. Most senior centers offer indoor exercise classes that vary in intensity. For seniors with limited mobility, find a community pool and engage in physical activity in a more adaptable setting. Water aerobics and yoga are excellent low-impact activities to try.

Prefer to get out of the house? There are numerous places to see, visit, and experience in nearly every community. Visit an aquarium, museum, or theater, or try your luck at bingo or the casino. Even brief trips to a local shopping center, restaurant, sweet shop, or cafe is an excellent way to spend an afternoon.

Hobby Clubs
Do you have a hobby you once enjoyed and would like to again? Or perhaps you’re interested in trying a new hobby? Some hobbies can be enjoyed at home, such as painting or gardening, while other hobbies are best suited for instructor-based environments, such as cooking classes or pottery-making classes.

If you’d like to give back to your community, consider volunteering your time. Volunteering is an awarding activity that can help seniors gain a sense of accomplishment. Whether you prefer to work with pets, children, or families in need, or wish to work directly in the neighborhood to beautify the area, volunteer opportunities are always plentiful.
Participating in fun senior activities is a healthy way to enrich your life. Whether you enjoy outings, educational classes, community celebrations, or anything that involves socializing, remember to keep active as you age.

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