Spring Cleaning Advice to Make It Easy and Fun

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Spring Cleaning: Make It Easy and Fun Other that the sun and birds, spring is also a time to do some mega clean up for your house. Spring cleaning is a tradition that has been around for a long time. To some people, spring cleaning is a daunting and overwhelming task. It is even more difficult for senior citizens either living at community homes or senior living apartments in Houston as well as elsewhere in the world.  However, I have some hints that will not only make spring cleaning fun but also make the make it easy and enjoyable.

Make a plan

A good plan will have a huge impact in your spring cleaning exercise. Having something to guide you and keep your cleaning on track will make it much easier. You could create a timeline indicating how much time to plan or spend on each task or room. Additionally, you can have a list of all the rooms you wish to clean and all the tasks that you will be handling. This way you can refer to the plan or checklist for your progress.

Invite your family and friends to help

It will be easier and faster if you do the cleaning with a little help. You can invite your family over or call your friends to help. Even the littlest help you get from any of them will make a big difference. Spring cleaning could be turned into a family tradition and could be a way to get all your people together.


Cleaning will be much easier if you start by getting rid of all the unwanted junk, and garbage. Pick up all the clutter from the rooms that you plan to work on. You can use bin liners to help you sort the stuff that you want to throw away and what you may store. Cleaning a room that is cluttered will take you longer which is one of the reasons that you should have a to-do list.

Make it fun

Spring cleaning can turn from an overwhelming chore to an enjoyable activity if it is spiced up with a little fun. If you find it hard to get your family and friends to help then your could turn the tasks into games. You can make the tasks into friendly competitions with rewards at the end. This way you will motivate them and even distract them from what they are actually doing. Similarly, you could turn up some music. Music is so therapeutic and will make everything easy.

Tackle one area at a time

Focusing on one area at a time will not only guarantee excellent results but it will also help you to work faster. You can do this by referring to your checklist and marking each task you complete as you go on.  Jumping from one task to another will only leave you frustrated with spring cleaning done halfway.

Don’t bite more than you can chew

Consider the time that you have to do cleaning as well as the size of the space that you are planning to work on. This is why it is important to have your cleaning scheduled and also have a checklist. You have to come up with a realistic plan and curve out your time so that you do not overwork. It will be a lot easier if you seek a helping hand in case you plan to work on a larger space.

Be prepared

You should ensure that all the supplies, tools and equipment you need for spring cleaning are available in time. Moreover, you should inform your family and friends early enough if you need their help. Spring cleaning can be frustrating, boring and overwhelming if you have to stop severally to go to the store.

Set a timer

Very few people have self discipline and it can be difficult to stay on track while cleaning. You don’t want to waste your time on things that are not in your schedule. Ensure that you have a timer to keep track of what you are doing so as to avoid distractions.

Set yourself a reward

The reward should be something to motivate you to work harder. Simply set an incentive for yourself or whoever is helping. It should be something that you look forward to such as supper. This way you can appreciate your efforts once your are done.

Listen to music

Rather than working in a silent and boring environment, you could turn up some music. Cleaning while listening to some music is quite enjoyable and you will barely notice when you finish de-cluttering your basement. Besides music you could tune in to a good radio show or listen to a podcast. This is interesting too.

Spring cleaning will leave your house tidy and give it a new look. The tips above will certainly save you a lot of time and make spring cleaning much more enjoyable.

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