Senior Stress: How to Recognize and Overcome

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Senior StressStress is a factor common in all stages of life from childhood all through to adulthood. It is a major setback to senior health. Although seniors may have raised children, paid off their homes and retired, they still experience a certain amount of stress. This stress can be triggered by a wide range such causes such as loss of loved ones, loneliness and lack of proper care. Everyday tasks could also cause stress especially to those suffering from certain types of illnesses. Below are some of the ways that you could use to identify and overcome stress for better senior health.

Identifying stress as a way of improving senior health

Stress manifests itself in various forms.  Caregivers should be able to recognize it in their loved ones and come up with ways to overcome it. This should be done in time before it becomes a problem. The following are some of the signs a senior could portray which could be possible indicators of stress:

  • Isolation

Those who experience some form of stress tend to isolate themselves from others and no longer take part in activities they used to enjoy.

  • Memory loss and poor concentration

This may be in the form of forgetting people’s names, things or places. Some seniors may also experience poor judgment and may often find themselves spending more when they are already on a limited budget.

  • Physical changes

These may include weight loss, body pains and increased episodes of illness. Changes in sleeping patterns could also be a sign of stress. This should be checked in order to achieve better senior health.

  • Mood swings

This may be presented in form of increased irritability and general sadness.

  • Eating habits

Stressed individuals may experience changes in their eating habits. Such changes include loss of appetite or overeating.

Overcoming stress for better senior health

Early detection of signs of stress is important as it helps to prevent the long term effects hence improving the quality of life that seniors live. To overcome stress the seniors should take part in activities such as yoga and physical exercises as they are known to be great stress relievers. Those who may not be able to take part in physical exercises can consider other ways such as getting a good night’s sleep as well as eating a healthy well balanced diet. Joining groups, clubs and volunteering offers chances of socializing which help clear one’s mind of daily responsibilities. There are agencies that offer help to seniors in doing house chores and shopping for groceries. These too play a key role in overcoming stress caused by daily activities.

Seniors should not be left to combat stress all alone. It is important to spend time determining what challenges they face, identifying possible stress factors and helping them overcome it. By so doing, desired senior health will be achieved.

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