Senior Living & Dating: What You Need to Know

July 19, 2016 Julia Chubarov Comments

Going out and dating is usually something we associate with young adults, but don’t let that misconception stop you from getting to know interesting people or a possible life partner.

Independent living is great – it allows you to be yourself and go with your flow. However, it is completely natural to feel the need to share your ideas and feelings with a special someone in a more intimate level. And to be clear, the dating we’re talking about doesn’t necessarily have to end in commitment and marriage either. Maybe you’ll find someone with your same interests and enjoy each other’s company at dinner, travel or whatever else. Let’s face it, independent senior living can get somewhat lonely and quality companionship it’s the perfect antidote for that.

The senior living lifestyle we promote is all about living a fulfilling life and, to achieve that, sharing is essential. So look around and find someone you can trust and create new experiences with. Dating has a lot of benefits too; for example, it increases your self-esteem, improves overall mood and, generally, it increases the social life of each partner.

So far it’s all pros for senior dating so that you may be wondering about the cons. And there is a major one:
What if your children don’t agree?

If you’re ready to date someone and – best case scenario – you’ve already found someone who seems right for you, chances are you’re worried about your kid’s reaction to this. If your children oppose, you have to know that this is very common since they tend to be very protective of their parents.

Don’t think about it as a purely selfish act. It mainly comes from a place of idealization. See, as you and your children get older, all those family memories and precious past moments become sort of magnified, almost sacred. So, maybe it’s out of nostalgia (and not a self-centered act) that your children don’t want you to date.

Make sure to talk to them and show them that you’re competent and independent. It’s great to have people who take care of you, but you’re still your person and should make your decisions based on what’s best for you. Chances are your children will relax when they see you’re happier and active.
To sum up, senior dating is by no means nothing new… it’s just not that commonly talked about. Remember that the need to connect with others is present in every human being and you shouldn’t deny yourself the opportunity to know some amazing people.
Go out, date and enjoy!

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