How to Pick A Geriatrician (A Senior Doctor)

June 20, 2017 Tatiana Comments

How to Pick A Geriatrician (A Senior Doctor)Even though you may have always had the same doctor and are pleased with the service that he or she can offer, once you get past a certain age, it is a good idea to opt for a doctor with a senior specialty. These doctors (known as geriatricians), specialize in senior care and issues. Because they are such an important factor in aging healthily, it is important that you choose the right geriatrician, but how do you do that? We have a few things that you want to consider.

Tip #1 – Look At Your Network

Before you opt for a geriatrician whom you really like, make sure that they are covered in your network. Whether you rely on Medicare or private insurance, you want to make sure that your network covers a certain geriatrician. You can start narrowing down options once you know who is covered through your network.

Tip #2 – Look Nearby

You might be vital enough to get around now, but you want to make sure that you have someone (relatively) close to your home. You will have regular and follow up an appointment, which means that you need to plan accordingly if you do not want to drive for extended periods of time.

Tip #3 – Ask Friends And Family

Especially when you get them from the people whom you trust the most, recommendations can speak volumes about a person. Make sure that you talk to people to make sure that you get their thoughts on the people you are considering.

Tip #4 – Meet The Doctor

The first meeting needs to feel ‘right’ if you are going to opt for a geriatrician. You want to make sure that the office staff is helpful and friendly and the geriatrician is both engaged and experienced. Remember that an initial appointment is still in the testing phase, if you are not happy with your geriatrician after a first meeting, it is a better idea to keep looking around for other options. Especially when you get old, you need to feel comfortable with this person when it comes to certain personal information.

Even though this is list is only going to help you get started in making a decision, it should remind you that it is important that you do your homework before you make a choice. You want a person who understands you as a person and has a great deal of knowledge in this particular field.

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