Overcoming Empty Nest Syndrome: It’s High Time to Take Care of Yourself.

March 16, 2018 developer Comments

Senior People and Empty Nest SyndromeThe empty nest syndrome is often a big issue during senior living. Realizing how to deal with this situation has a great influence on handling your senior age. Follow this few steps to help get in terms with the departure of your children:

1. Understand that each one of us under different circumstances

Your children may not be like your friends’ children. Do not compare yourself with them. Learn and appreciate your pace by not relying so much on your children. Most importantly, remember that senior living is a natural stage of life, which everyone has to walk through.

2. Be ready to let your children go, however soon it may seem

In life, some achieve various milestones faster than others do. Therefore, do not be surprised when you are in an empty nest much sooner than you expect. Do not be annoyed by their determination to explore or follow their dreams, instead offer them parental support and advice. Many parents take such situations personal and try to pull ropes with their children. This does not always work out. It will be much easier for both of you if you helped them follow and achieve their dreams.

3. Keep a cordial relationship with them

There is no such thing as your children should be the ones calling you. You need to understand that if you need them they are just a call away. Unless in hostile cases, keep a warm friendship by visiting them and calling regularly. Constant contact is important to both parent and children so, make use of email, chatting and video calling as much as you can. Remember, the more you talk the more likely they will wish to meet you.

4. Look for advice from peers going through the same

If you ask your peers who have been through this before, you will realize that, you actually don’t have it bad like you thought. Share and offer support with others who are overwhelmed with similar situations in their senior living. Sharing experiences alone can be a sufficient solution to restore you back to normalcy. Seek help from your doctor if depression sets in.

5. Use this alone time as an opportunity in your senior living

After a long life full of responsibilities, you are almost free. It’s the opportune time to spend time with friends, travel around the world, and engage in new projects and so on.

You have to be very keen in your senior living to ensure that you do not brush shoulders with your beloved children. With these guidelines empty nest syndrome will fly away in a month.

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