Never Too Late to Create: The Benefits of Crafts for Seniors

July 13, 2018 developer Comments

Benefits of Crafts for SeniorsArts and crafts have been around for a long time. Not only are crafts enjoyable, they have also been found to have numerous mental and health benefits for people at all ages. Crafting is particularly good for the elderly, whether living under caregivers or in independent living community Houston. A good example is art therapy, which is used to help seniors with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Additionally, it helps to relieve depression and boost confidence. If taken seriously, it could turn into a lucrative source of income.  

Benefits of crafts for seniors in independent living community Houston

Hand-Eye Coordination

Working on a crafts needs concentration as well as perfect coordination between the brain and hands. This helps to improve the coordination between the hand and eyes, which is essential at old age.

Brain Health 

Creating crafts keeps the brain active. Different studies have revealed that learning new skills such as painting, helps brains cells to regenerate. It also prevents stagnation. By keeping the brain engaged seniors are less likely to suffer from brain related conditions like dementia.


Working on arts and crafts is an excellent way to pass time. Not only does it get one away from boredom, it is also fun. Trying different patterns, colors or turning ideas into real creation is just amazing.  


Engaging in crafts provides seniors with a chance to be self-expressive. Their lives are influenced and positively stimulated by the creations of their hands. Painting and drawing for instance, have a calming effect.

Provides a sense of accomplishment

Despite their old age, seniors still need a sense of belonging. They take pride in their accomplishments as well. Feeling a sense of accomplishment is good for their emotional and general well-being. Successfully working on a piece of art can help seniors to feel more useful. Moreover, they can enjoy bragging about their crafts or using whatever they created for years to come.

Crafts provide relaxation

Working on crafts provides a serene environment for meditation. The concentration and focus that one has to put in while working on a piece of art is relaxing. Being at peace with one’s self helps to relieve stress and depression. This is also good for elders with the Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

Source of income 

Most seniors prefer living independently although financial freedom can a problem after retirement. However, through crafting, seniors can turn their hobbies into side hustles. Income from their crafts can buy them food supplies, medication and much more.

Engaging in arts and crafts has a tremendous effect on the mental, and physical well-being of the elderly. It keeps their minds busy, provides fun and also gives them a sense of purpose in life. Therefore, seniors in assisted homes or living independently should be encouraged to participate more in artistic endeavors so as to improve their lives.

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