Looking for a Job? 5 Best Job Opportunities for Retirees.

March 23, 2018 developer Comments

Job Opportunities For SeniorsAfter retirement, many senior people become stranded. Most of them are not sure about what to do especially if they have been working their whole life. Sitting down for a whole day is just unbearable. At senior age you need to keep the brain engaged. Retirement works negatively to this principle because it renders you useless and immobile in the long run. This is likely to deteriorate your physical and mental capacity. If you are on retirement, the following are some of the jobs that could keep you busy:

1Craftsman upon retirement

If you have skills in pot-making as well as other crafted materials then this could be a very good opportunity for you. This is a less strenuous field of work, which only requires fine skills. Other related fields include fine art and making home decorations not to mention fashions using warn-out household products. You can sell you products through various craft-products websites such as Etsy.

2Substitute teacher

Teaching is one of the most diverse careers. For retiring teachers and professors, becoming a tutor could be a great idea to spend your senior age. Many schools today prefer to use substitute teachers with specific professional skills to boost their permanent teaching staff. Alternatively, there are plenty of online jobs where you can work at the comfort of your home. Tutors have the freedom of choosing favorite topics hence it’s pretty simple for anyone with teaching skills.

3Government jobs

In the near future, the government will be losing about a third of their work force to retirees. This is an excellent opportunity to anyone looking for part-time jobs. The federal government does not discriminate against age with some employees retiring at close to 100 years of age. To get these jobs just log-on to USAJobs.gov then search for positions and field of interest. Other avenues include the National Park Service, which hires a lot in the summer with a pay of up to $15 an hour.


Most of retirees have amassed a great treasure of handiness skills. This involves servicing washing machines, replacing toilet gaskets and working on other household equipment. These skills may seem like nothing to you but may come in handy during retirement. You will be shocked by how such skills are hard to others. By mastering these skills just a little more, you could earn up to $50 an hour. This is a brilliant field especially to those with such skills. Instead of just laying around the house, you could be an on-call fixit.

5. Give back to the society through free consultation

Upon retirement, you have over four decades of experience. This makes you the best consultant in your field. You could help mentor ambitious youths to follow your path or otherwise offer solutions to problems out there. This will help keep your mind occupied and build another “colleague” circle you have lost.

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