Let’s Take a Walk! Benefits for Seniors

August 15, 2017 Tatiana Comments

Let's-Take-a-WalkWe could talk to you about the importance of walking in an otherwise sedentary lifestyle – but most seniors already know that they should walk more and stay active. We have a few different benefits to walking for seniors that most others have not discussed yet. We are going to go beyond heart health and tell you a bit more about what you should know.

Benefit #1 – Walking Can Stop Bone Mass Loss

Seniors often have bones that break more easily and much faster, that is what bone mass loss causes. According to a study, just walking for a half hour can reduce the occurrence of hip fractures by as much as 40 percent. Given the importance of falls, this should be one of the primary benefits for seniors.

Benefit #2 – You May Sleep Better

Seniors often have a hard time sleeping throughout the night – meaning that they should look for ways to improve their sleep. According to a number of different studies, it is possible to relieve insomnia with regular walking. Oftentimes this is because of the physical exertion of walking.

 Benefit #3 – Walking Can Make You Happier

As they get older, many seniors have a struggle with depression. Depression is often directly associated with seniors losing their mobility. Walking and happiness have been linked together. It is going to help your body release endorphins, which is going to increase your overall mental stability and happiness.

Benefit #4 – Increase Your Mental Acuity

When we talk about confidence and self-esteem, mental acuity is important for seniors. If you walk more, there is a good chance that you are going to suffer less memory decline in the future. This is also true for lowering Alzheimer’s risks. Just walking that little bit is going to go a great way towards keeping sharper in the immediate and distant future.

Closing Thoughts

When we compare all the different senior activities, walking just a half hour a day is something that we can recommend for all seniors and just about anyone of any age. Just taking a quick walk is going to have any number of benefits. If you want to remain independent and healthy, making sure that you keep your muscle mass and flexibility through walking is a great way to do so. Even seniors who are otherwise unable to do so would benefit from walking with a walking aid.

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