How to Protect Your Vision as You Age

January 19, 2017 Julia Chubarov Comments

Of course, one of the most important thing to do for your eyes as you age, is to have regular eye exams. A regular routine eye exam can find or correct problems before they become severe. However, there are other ways to protect your vision as you age whether you live by yourself or in an independent living community.

 Believe it or not, nutrition is a key component to keeping your eyes healthy. Some of the foods which can help with this are foods rich in antioxidants. These foods would include green leafy vegetables, fish and other foods which have essential omega-3 fatty acids. If you don’t get enough of omega-3 fatty acids, the macula can be harmed. The macula is the part of the eye that is responsible for your central vision. So, a high consumption of alcohol or saturated fats can create free-radical reactions which will also damage the macula.

 Other ways to protect your eyes is to wear sunglasses which block ultraviolet rays of the sun. A hat that has a brim worn with the sunglasses will give your eyes extra protection. Too, if you’re at the computer for more than two hours, it will cause repetitive stress in the muscles of your eyes. So, you should keep the computer screen about 20-24 inches within your eye distance. The top of your computer screen needs to be slightly below the level of your eyes.

 In addition, maintaining a healthy weight will help to lower the risk of diabetes. Diabetes can damage the eyes and lead to potential blindness. Type 2 diabetics also have an increased risk of developing glaucoma than people who don’t have diabetes. Plus, increasing your heart rate with aerobic exercise can help protect against glaucoma and cataracts.

 Protecting your vision as you age is a sensible thing to do.

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