How Couples Can Benefit from Living in Senior Communities

November 3, 2016 Julia Chubarov Comments
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There are many benefits to older couples moving into an independent living community. Because seniors have worked all their lives, raised children and want to downsize, retire and live a simpler life, a senior independent living community may be the right option. The communities also have different options to choose from if the health of one or the other spouse declines.

Housing options

The housing options in an independent living community vary as well as the levels of care. So a senior couple who are healthy and active can make a housing choice from several different types of housing offered. There are free-standing garden homes as well as townhouses. There are also choices of one and two bedroom apartments. In addition, when seniors decide to move together as a couple, it can make the decision of what will happen as they age easier if health fails because the communities provide so many services. This will relieve the minds of caring family members who worry about what will happen if one parent or both became ill. Not that they are the deciders, but it is a factor for consideration by seniors.

Services and amenities

For a couple who still are mostly independent needing little assistance, an independent living community may be the answer too. These communities have a wide range of services such as planned meals and housekeeping. There’s also 24-hour emergency service provided. IN addition, amenities can range from group activities to social events with arranged transportation. It can be a fun and care-free life for a retired senior couple.

When care is needed

Most independent living communities will permit couples to live on the same campus even when different levels of care are needed. So one half of the couple might live independently and may only need a little amount of assistance or care. The other half of the couple may have to live in a memory care unit or another kind of assisted care. What’s nice about this though is that the more independent person doesn’t have any caregiver duties and can therefore visit regularly the person who needs more care.

Researching independent care homes while a senior couple are still healthy, active and independent is a smart thing to do.

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