How Can Seniors Deal with Loss of Smell?

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Seniors Dealing with Loss of SmellThe sense of smell diminishes as people get older. This is natural. The process occurs gradually over the years and senior people may not even realize the change for some time. Good sense of smell is life saving since it helps one to detect fire, gas leakage and rotten food. It is also good for appetite. Loss of smell may tamper with the life quality of the elderly living alone, in assisted homes or in apartments for seniors in Houston.

Causes of loss of smell for the elderly in apartments for seniors in Houston

Loss of smell is attributed to several reasons depending on how the sense of smell is affected.

1. Certain general diseases

There are some diseases are known to cause loss of smell. Otolaryngological cancer and the liver disease affect the olfactory system. Loss of smell is also an early warning for the Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis and the Parkinson’s disease.

2. Age

Loss of smell as a result of aging is called presbyosmia. Presbyosmia is not treatable as it occurs naturally. However, there are ways of coping with the condition such as moving to assisted living facilities or apartments of seniors in Houston.

3. Trauma in the nose region

Anosmia is a smell disorder cause by head trauma in the nose region. In other incidents it is caused by a sinus or chronic nasal infection.  People with the disorder cannot detect odor at all. Loss of smell in this case may go away after the affected region is healed.

4. Nasal Congestion or upper respiratory infections

Loss of smell that results from nasal congestion or upper respiratory is called hyposmia. People with the smell disorder have their ability to smell reduced.  Nonetheless, hyposmia is temporary and goes away after the infection is healed or when the congestion clears up.

5. Certain medications

Smell disorder is also liked to certain types of medicines or treatments. Anti allergy medicines for instance are known to cause loss of smell. The best solution in this scenario is to reduce the dosage or find substitutes. Seniors should inquire for the side effects of such medicines before taking them.   


As mentioned before, loss of smell that comes as a result of age is natural with no known remedy. The loss that comes due to trauma or infection can go away after healing or treatment. Oral steroid medications and some antibiotics are known to cure nasal infections thus restore proper a sense of smell. However, the effectiveness of any treatment method depends on the severity of the infections.

Loss of smell can be devastating to the elderly. It often results in change in eating habits and a long term negative impact on one’s health or well being. Similarly, loss of smell can expose seniors to danger in the event of a fire, gas leak or rotten food especially if they live alone. The best way for seniors with the disorder to stay safe is to move into apartments for seniors in Houston or other senior living facilities. This way they will live under watchful eyes of care givers and have their safety guaranteed.

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