How Can Seniors Cope With A Decreasing Sense Of Sight

July 11, 2017 Tatiana Comments

Decreasing Sense Of SightDeveloping problems with a sense of sight is certainly not uncommon for seniors. In fact, there is significant vision loss in millions of seniors across the country. It can be a rather difficult thing to deal with, so how are seniors able to deal with a decreasing sense of sight?

First – Identify The Signs

Before you talk about how to resolve a problem, it is imperative to establish that a problem exists. There are a number of different signs that might indicate that seniors are losing their vision or at least have a reduced sense of sight:

  • Confusion or disorientation in familiar places;
  • Difficulty recognizing faces and signs;
  • Placing items close to their face;
  • Asking for more or improved lighting;
  • Squinting their eyes to focus;
  • Touching the wall while walking or moving in hesitation.

If you notice these signs, it might be time to consider getting your loved one’s eyes examined. If your loved one is not already in assisted living, now might be a good time to consider that. We want to also provide you with a few steps that you can take.

Step #1 – Make Sure There Is More Light

One of the best to help improve even the most basic of activities can be to provide extra lighting. What was once a room that might have provided ample lighting may now no longer be enough. Adding increased lighting sources or brighter lightbulbs may be a great step. If you are going to add more light, make sure that you do it in areas where the senior tends to spend most of their time.

Step #2 – Look Through The Different Options

The vast majority do not ‘develop’ vision loss overnight. In fact, there are various stages of vision loss. Each of these different stages is going to affect your loved one in a different way. There are different visual aids available, depending on the phase of someone’s sense of sight. It is possible to ease the transition by adding talking clocks, investing in text-reading software, or simply turning on closed captioning for their favorite show.

Step #3 – Look Towards The Future

Even though these solution may help mitigate the issue temporarily, it is important to know that vision loss is going to continue to develop over time. This means that in time, you need to think about other ways that you can help the senior remain independent while also taking a decreased sense of sight into consideration. One of the best options to consider is assisted living. Here a senior is able to have a sense of autonomy while still having access to courteous care professionals.

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