Happy Mother’s Day: Best Activities for Seniors

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Celebrating Mother's DayMother’s Day is celebrated across the globe. It gives us the opportunity to shower our mothers with love as well as appreciate them for being there for us. Mothers receive millions of gifts on this big day. They also spend time with their children or grandchildren indulging in different fun activities. This includes independent living Houston mothers and all mums around the world. Mums living in senior communities may not have the same privilege to enjoy such fun when compared to those living in their homes. Nonetheless, this does not imply that they should not have a blast or make the most of this day. Below are some of the best activities that senior women living in senior communities can undertake to enjoy this day.

Mother’s day fun activities for seniors including independent living Houston mothers

Spa day

Care givers in senior homes can bring in spa specialists that will offer services to the seniors. It is relaxing and it is a great idea to spend mother’s day. Spas offer lots of relaxation options like acupuncture, facials, mud baths and massages. Some of these activities are not only relaxing; they also offer some health benefits to you. Massage for example, helps to improve blood circulation in your body and also relieves pain caused by conditions such as arthritis. Manicures and pedicures help to improve your outlook while facials help to moisten dry skin.


Walking is another fun activity especially when done with a close friend. It is good for their physical well being since it is a good form of exercise. Seniors can visit a park and enjoy the beautiful sceneries or just take a leisurely walk in the neighbourhood outside the home.


Having a picnic is a fun activity for seniors. It could be in a park or just anywhere around the senior living community. Caregivers or family members can carry the foods that the seniors enjoy and mats to sit on while resting. It can be a great opportunity to share stories and experiences with your loved ones.


Most people like spending their free time doing some shopping. Taking the seniors shopping can be a great opportunity for them to bond. They do not necessarily have to do any buying! Window shopping can be a fun activity too.

Sharing a hobby

Seniors ought to have a hobby that some of their friends may not be aware about. Sharing the hobbies with one another can be fun. Whatever the hobby is; be it knitting, they can teach one another and do it together in the end. This is pretty engaging and remarkably enjoyable.


This is an activity that seniors can do together as there is little or no experience needed. All that is required are the ingredients and the recipe or instructions for what is to be baked. It will be much fun if one of them happens to be an excellent baker.

Movie matinee

Watching a movie that you love is quite exciting. Taking seniors to a concert that features their best films is a great idea. A fun movie featuring mothers can also be hosted at their homes. Caretakers at senior living communities should ensure they get comfortable seats. Additionally, noise levels should not be too high for them.

Having dinner together

Another way of treating them during mother’s day at senior living communities is to take them out to nice restaurant for dinner or simply prepare something nice for them. They can enjoy each other’s company and catch up on their lives. Those who do not feel like going out can stay back and cook a good meal that they will enjoy together.

Story telling

Story telling is a great way of spending mother’s day. Seniors can sit together at one place where they just enjoy stories from one another. Sharing life experiences will also help them to bond.

Ice cream

Caregivers can make an ice cream parlour with chairs and tables where they invite the seniors and provide them with ice cream. Toppings such as nuts and sauces can be included. It is important to consider the diabetic ones by providing sugar free ice cream as well as toppings.


A painting competition could be organised at the senior living community. Participants could then be asked to paint landscapes and so on.  Similarly, this can be a good opportunity for them to bond.


Seniors can also take part in volunteering activities during this big day. This could include sewing blankets for a local orphanage or making stuffed animals for a children’s hospital are some of the best options.

Afternoon tea

The seniors can be served with cakes and sandwiches as they enjoy tea together.


If the seniors love gardening, this could be a great way of spending mother’s day. Gardening tools should be easy to use as their mobility may be limited.

Going through photo albums

Old memories are beautiful and precious. Some of them are stored in form of photos making it easy for one to revisit them from time to time. Many people have photo albums but barely have time to go through. For this reason, it could be good idea for a senior to go through his or her photo album on mother’s day.

Arranging flowers

This can be an enjoyable activity for the seniors. Engaging in some flower arrangement activity could be very relaxing and captivating as well for seniors on mother’s day.

Song and dance

Somehow, music tends to be right for every occasion. Playing some of the music that the seniors enjoyed while growing up can be fun for them. They can sing along or dance to their favourite tunes.

Every mother deserves to be celebrated during mother’s day and seniors are not exceptional. Seniors should get to enjoy mother’s day regardless of where they are.

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