Fun Autumn Activities for Seniors

October 4, 2016 Julia Chubarov Comments

With the hot days of summer in the past, seniors can now look forward to the coming cooler fall weather. Along with this weather are autumn activities for seniors to try that are new or familiar. Some of these activities can be enjoyed alone, or if your independent living community has planned activities, enjoyed with others. Also by remaining active it keeps a senior healthy and independent. So below are some fun suggestions as the autumn season starts:

  • Take a walk: Taking a walk to enjoy the crisp fall air and exclaim over the beauty of the changing leaves is something everyone can enjoy. Whether seniors take walks alone or get together with a group from their independent living community, exercise and fresh air make a great combination.

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  • Autumn crafts and activities: If your independent living community has an activity center, get together with a group and do some autumn crafts. If someone in the group is crafty, that person can teach a class or two also. The other alternative is to hire a crafter from a guild who can give a craft lesson and demonstration. Another fun thing to do is to carve pumpkins, remembering to save the seeds to roast in the oven as a fall activity.

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  • Making bird feeders: For seniors who have trouble with mobility or can’t spend much time outdoors, bird watching may be the hobby for them. A simple bird feeder can be made from a pinecone that’s covered in peanut butter and then rolled in birdseed. Hang it from a tree by a ribbon or cord and watch the birds eat. Also, having a bird identification book close by will make the activity even more enjoyable.

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  • Fall festivals: A senior can gather up friends from the independent living community he or she lives in and go to a fall festival. Seniors can walk around investigating the craft booths then and stop for drinks of apple cider, or to eat some funnel cake. This is a great fall activity to be shared with friends or family.
  • Warm up by the fire: Seniors can also warm up by the fireplace with a hot beverage and read a good book; or watch an interesting movie alone or with company.

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 As the cooler haunting season of autumn is here, seniors can get out and enjoy all the activities that the fall will bring.

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