5 Of The Most Beautiful Places In Houston

June 13, 2017 Tatiana Comments

Beautiful Places in HoustonThere are some that would argue that Houston is not a particularly attractive city. There might be endless construction and zoning laws that plague the city, but that does not mean that it cannot be a beautiful city in some rights. In fact, we have a few different reasons to argue that Houston is in fact an attractive city.

#1 – University of St. Thomas

This almost 70-year-old campus is comprised by a few impressive features such as the statuesque Chapel of St. Basil and the Link-Lee mansion. Originally designed by Philip Johnson (an award-winning American architect), this truly represents a ride through history as you walk across the campus. It is one of the prettiest features that you are going to find anywhere.

#2 – The Harris County 1910 Courthouse

After a 1954 renovation destroyed much of the original charm of this place, this spectacular century-old courthouse was restored back in 2011. You can find it amongst the hustle and bustle in downtown Houston and it is a symbol of justice, strength, and stability. The $65 million investment into the restorations are certainly worth it in the end.

#3 – Sam Houston Park’s Historic Houses

When you see the towering, modern buildings in downtown Houston, chances are that you would not immediately suspect that you could also find 20 acres ofpre-revolution, Victorian-style homes here. You can see the entire storied past of Houston just by visiting these homes, all from the early 20th-century oil boom to houses that date from before statehood. If you want the full experience, we highly recommend that you take a tour.

#4 – Hermann Park

If you want to get away from all the busy and noisy atmosphere that Downton Houston has, a visit to lush Hermann Park is certainly going to be a great idea. Enjoy the beauty of the McGovern Centennial Gardens or take a stroll through the Japanese gardens. Whatever you might be interested in doing, there is something enjoyable here.

#5 – Wortham Theater Center

The Wortham Theater Center is home to the Houston Grand Opera and Houston Ballet. The intimate and beauteous theaters have a stunning arched window and the performance center is absolutely massive. In fact, we often make sure that we take our residents to enjoy a trip out here. Even if you are not necessarily a fan of either art form, the theater itself has a way to draw you in.

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