Delicious And Healthy Foods For A Cold Winter

February 24, 2017 Julia Chubarov Comments

The colder winter months are a great time to have some solid, filling meals – but that does not mean that you should forsake healthy foods altogether. Especially for healthy elderly living it is important that you eat healthy throughout the year. If you want to have some delicious comfort food but do not want to pack on the calories, we have a few suggestions.

Health-Conscious Homemade Soups

Granted, making soup yourself is going to take a bit more time, and it may even cost a bit more money – but the health benefits outweigh both those drawbacks. Especially on a cold day, there is nothing quite like a warm bowl of soup to warm you back up and make you feel like yourself. The condensed canned soups that you can easily pick up at the supermarket are often filled with preservatives, sodium, and cream.

Use cauliflower puree in place of cream, plenty of herbs and spices for flavor, and low-sodium stock to create your own homemade healthy foods with a smooth and thick consistency. Adding low-calorie vegetables such as carrots, kale, and spinach are going to provide you with the vitamins you need for healthy elderly living while the chunks of lean meat and beans will provide you with the protein you need to keep muscles going strong. Once you become adept at making your own soup, chances are that you will never want to settle for store-bought soup again!

Baked Vegetables

Is there any food that is more synonymous with a ‘pick me up’ than French fries or potato chips? The good thing is that you can enjoy this deliciousness without having to buy them in a greasy fast food bag. Healthy foods and comfort food do not have to be exclusive. If you want to make a delicious, crispy treat, put some zucchini, sweet potatoes, beets, radishes, squash, or any vegetable you like in the oven and sprinkle them with some olive oil and seasoning.

If you want an alternative to French fries, try cutting eggplant, asparagus, zucchini, or carrots into sticks and make sure that you sprinkle on some sea salt, oats, ground nuts, flaxseed, or Parmesan cheese before you slide them into the oven.

Drink Tea Instead

While many might not be able to imagine a life without coffee, tea itself may reduce the risk of many different diseases because it is full of antioxidants. Tea is also a great tool for losing weight, especially if you sweeten it with natural sweeteners such as xylitol or stevia.


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