Dangers of Seniors Living Alone

February 15, 2016 Julia Chubarov Comments

No one wants to lose their sense of independence, but as you get older, there may need to be some Safety Auditadjustments made for safety sake. One of those changes might include no longer living alone. It’s a big move, but one that could be necessary. There are some dangers to be aware of if you’re considering living by yourself:


 It’s not uncommon to take some type of medication, and decreased eyesight as well as several other factors could contribute to a mistaken or missed dosage. In certain cases, having the medication distribution handled by someone else living in the home can be a big asset.

 Cooking and nutrition

 If you’re living in an independent living community or retirement community, for example,you may have it a bit easier to get the nutrition you need as there is usually a kitchen or a restaurant on the premises that allows you to get nutritional food if you don’t want to or can’t cook on a specific day. If you’re living alone, you could have an issue managing the cooking tasks, especially when it comes to standing for a long period of time, properly gripping handles of pots and pans, and using knives. Having someone do those tasks could be better in terms of health as well as safety.

Physical safety

 Did you know that, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), emergency departments see more than 2.5 million older people each year to treat them for fall injuries? If you were to fall and you live on your own, it could be extremely dangerous or even fatal. However, if you live in an independent living community, any other senior living community or with a roommate, you could have an increased chance of getting help quickly.

 Scam artists

 There are quite a few scam artists who prey on those living alone, which makes it a much better idea to live with someone who can be a back-up. They’ll be able to see who you’re conversing with and use their judgment regarding whether the person is legit or just trying to run a scam. According to the National Council on Aging (NCOA), some scams you could be affected by as a senior include funeral & cemetery scams, investment schemes, and Internet fraud.


 If you’re living in an independent living community or any other senior living community, you have plenty of socialization options whether they’re organized by the community or certain residents. There are also numerous other seniors living in the same area which creates individual options for interaction. Living alone, you won’t have that type of socialization in place which could be a detriment to your well-being over a long period of time.


 It can be hard enough to keep up with housework at any age, but if you’re living alone, you could have an even tougher time. It could lead to slips, falls, fire hazards, and various other issues. Having someone else handling the housekeeping could certainly help prevent accidents.

As much as you may want to live alone, it’s not always the best option. Living in an independent living community, senior living community, or retirement community – or even with a roommate – can be a great thing when you consider the safety, health, and socialization benefits. Although being aware of the dangers of living alone can be scary, don’t worry! There are plenty of ways to maintain your independence, and having a caregiver is a big part of that. There are some great solutions that caregivers can implement and you still will be able to retain your self-sufficiency.

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