Cycling Safety Tips for Seniors

May 18, 2018 developer Comments

Cycling can be a fun activity for seniors. A lot of independent living Houston seniors and others across the world love it. Nevertheless, it should be approached with a lot of caution through appropriate bicycle safety tips and traffic rules. Many bike accidents involving the elderly are reported every year and that raises concern. Certain Read more

Six Reasons for Seniors to Use Social Media

April 27, 2018 developer Comments

Although use of social media is associated with young adults, recent research has shown that an increasing number of senior adults is starting to use social media sites like Facebook, Skype, Instagram and Twitter. This is so especially for the younger, affluent and more educated senior adults including independent living seniors in Houston. The older Read more

The Best Gifts for Seniors This Christmas

December 23, 2016 developer Comments

Sometimes finding a Christmas gift for the senior in your life isn’t easy. Most seniors have more stuff than they could ever use. So, what can you give someone who already has more personalized mugs, bath oils and slippers filling up the cupboards and closets. Well, below are some Christmas gifts ideas which may be Read more

The Benefits of Dancing for Seniors

July 28, 2016 developer Comments

Without a doubt music brings people together. Whether it’s singing, playing, or dancing to it, music is usually a social and creative act. This of course has a positive impact for the body and soul; but right now, we’re going to focus on the benefits that dancing brings to seniors. These are some of the Read more

Best Tips for Senior Travellers

July 5, 2016 developer Comments

Senior years and lifestyle are very much about enjoying oneself. They don’t have to be the clichéd image of an older person isolated from the world. A lot of seniors become frequent travellers because they usually have time, resources, and let’s face it… travelling is great. For a lot of seniors, travelling is also an Read more

Can Psychotherapy Aid the Elderly?

May 25, 2016 developer Comments

Views on mental health and wellbeing have come a long way. Sure, there’s still a lot of room for their improvement, but society in general it’s becoming more and more aware of the need to treat their emotional afflictions like they would their physical ones. It’s only logical. Would you just wait for an open Read more