Whom Is Our Independent Living Community For?

August 8, 2017 developer Comments

When you hear the words independent living community, what type of reaction does that trigger within you? Chances are that you might consider an independent living community for yourself or a loved one. If you think that an independent living community is only intended for a single type of audience, you could not be more Read more

5 Of The Most Beautiful Places In Houston

June 13, 2017 developer Comments

There are some that would argue that Houston is not a particularly attractive city. There might be endless construction and zoning laws that plague the city, but that does not mean that it cannot be a beautiful city in some rights. In fact, we have a few different reasons to argue that Houston is in Read more

Five Places In Houston, TX Our Residents Like To Visit

March 13, 2017 developer Comments

People who think about senior living often assume that nothing is going on throughout the day – and according to our residents – they could not be more wrong! There are plenty of senior activities that keep our residents happy and entertained in Houston. We want to provide you with some different options that are Read more

Amenities and Services at The Gardens of Spring Shadows

June 4, 2015 developer Comments

Here at The Gardens of Spring Shadows, or more commonly known as just The Gardens, we offer quality and affordable independent living for seniors. Tucked away in the northwest corner of Houston, TX, The Gardens offers comfortable living for seniors in one and two bedroom apartments. There are many amenities and services provided at The Read more