The Main Benefits of Staying Social during Retirement

November 24, 2017 developer Comments

Those of us who are recently retired may miss the social interaction we had during our working life. Retirement offers freedom from having to work, but often loneliness may creep in. It is important to stay social, not only to prevent boredom but for your health as well. According to a study conducted at Brigham-Young Read more

How to Promote Safe and Exciting Trips for Seniors

October 31, 2017 developer Comments

Travel, the allure of the unknown! Many seniors who live in independent living communities enjoy extensive travel, as something they have looked forward to for years. There are Senior Travel groups that offer opportunities to meet others within their age range with similar interests, whether those are fishing, sailing, horseback riding, hiking, city walking tours, Read more

Whom Is Our Independent Living Community For?

August 8, 2017 developer Comments

When you hear the words independent living community, what type of reaction does that trigger within you? Chances are that you might consider an independent living community for yourself or a loved one. If you think that an independent living community is only intended for a single type of audience, you could not be more Read more

5 Eco-Friendly DIY Crafts for Creative Seniors

August 2, 2017 developer Comments

As seniors, it does not mean that you should forgo everything in relates to creativeness and ecological benefits. There are a number of different eco-friendly activities for seniors that you should consider. Craft #1 – Homemade Terrarium Sometimes going outside just is not an option – so what about bringing nature to you instead? You Read more

Food Safety For Seniors This Summer

June 27, 2017 developer Comments

Even though summer is the perfect time to enjoy barbeques and picnics, seniors need to be aware of some of the dangers that are associated with eating outdoors and during the same. Food poisoning can be rather frustrating for younger adults, but seniors can have serious long-term problems when they contract food poisoning. These food Read more

How to Pick A Geriatrician (A Senior Doctor)

June 20, 2017 developer Comments

Even though you may have always had the same doctor and are pleased with the service that he or she can offer, once you get past a certain age, it is a good idea to opt for a doctor with a senior specialty. These doctors (known as geriatricians), specialize in senior care and issues. Because Read more

Health Benefits Of Cycling For Seniors

May 24, 2017 developer Comments

Most seniors understand that it is imperative that they remain active later in life. However, most low-impact exercises are often relatively low in pushing physical activity. Cycling is one of the better exercises that seniors can engage in. There are a number of different positive results for seniors who took up cycling later in life. Read more

Emotional Benefits Of Exercise For Seniors

April 27, 2017 developer Comments

Keeping seniors active is a vital component in increasing overall physical health and preserving mobility. We all know that keeping active is important on a physical level, but there is a wide range of emotional benefits as well that most people do not know about. We want to tell you about a few of the Read more

Five Places In Houston, TX Our Residents Like To Visit

March 13, 2017 developer Comments

People who think about senior living often assume that nothing is going on throughout the day – and according to our residents – they could not be more wrong! There are plenty of senior activities that keep our residents happy and entertained in Houston. We want to provide you with some different options that are Read more

How to Keep Busy After Retirement

March 1, 2017 developer Comments

So you have found after years of hard work you are ready to retire – Congratulations on achieving such a milestone in your life! After years of getting up early, driving to work, fighting traffic, and working all day, only to return home to the family and do it all again the next day, now Read more