Elderly Insomnia: Causes and Treatment

October 10, 2017 developer Comments

Waking up tired occasionally is frustrating, but when it happens every night, you may be dealing with insomnia. Insomnia is a disorder where you have difficulty falling asleep or the inability to enjoy quality uninterrupted sleep. Most people need 7 or more hours of sleep a night. Sleeplessness can affect anyone at any age, however, Read more

How to Create an Active Lifestyle for Seniors

September 29, 2017 developer Comments

As we get older, we tend to become more comfortable and set in our ways.  Weight gain slowly but surely creeps up on us, making it even more challenging to be active. However, it is essential to create an active lifestyle as a senior citizen. There are many benefits to becoming and staying physically fit: Read more

Let’s Take a Walk! Benefits for Seniors

August 15, 2017 developer Comments

We could talk to you about the importance of walking in an otherwise sedentary lifestyle – but most seniors already know that they should walk more and stay active. We have a few different benefits to walking for seniors that most others have not discussed yet. We are going to go beyond heart health and Read more

Helping Seniors With Balance Issues

July 18, 2017 developer Comments

According to the statistics from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, falls might be more serious than you originally thought. In fact, it is the leading cause of injury and death from injury in seniors. Oftentimes balance issues are at the center of this problem, causing seniors to feel lightheaded and dizzy. Fortunately, there is Read more

How Can Seniors Cope With A Decreasing Sense Of Sight

July 11, 2017 developer Comments

Developing problems with a sense of sight is certainly not uncommon for seniors. In fact, there is significant vision loss in millions of seniors across the country. It can be a rather difficult thing to deal with, so how are seniors able to deal with a decreasing sense of sight? First – Identify The Signs Read more

Food Safety For Seniors This Summer

June 27, 2017 developer Comments

Even though summer is the perfect time to enjoy barbeques and picnics, seniors need to be aware of some of the dangers that are associated with eating outdoors and during the same. Food poisoning can be rather frustrating for younger adults, but seniors can have serious long-term problems when they contract food poisoning. These food Read more

How to Pick A Geriatrician (A Senior Doctor)

June 20, 2017 developer Comments

Even though you may have always had the same doctor and are pleased with the service that he or she can offer, once you get past a certain age, it is a good idea to opt for a doctor with a senior specialty. These doctors (known as geriatricians), specialize in senior care and issues. Because Read more

How Seniors Can Get Started With Running

May 12, 2017 developer Comments

Most people assume that running is a young person’s sport – but they could not be more wrong. Senior runners can run well into retirement. As we get older, there are physical changes. This means the immune system becomes weaker, lung elasticity declines, muscle elasticity reduces, muscle mass reduces, aerobic capacity decreases, and bone density Read more

How Seniors With A Disability Can Exercise

May 4, 2017 developer Comments

Exercise is good for everyone – and seniors who have a disability are no exception to the rule. In fact, it can help with a wide variety of things, including our overall mood. When it comes to treating a number of different chronic conditions, exercise is an effective treatment. If you have a disability or Read more

Five Simple Ways To Exercise Hands And Fingers

April 20, 2017 developer Comments

As people get older in life, they start to experience reduced hand mobility. Fortunately for seniors, there are a few different exercises that you can do to help you reduce these issues. Today we are going to give you just a few different ways that you are able to exercise both your hands and fingers. Read more