How Can Seniors Deal with Loss of Smell?

August 10, 2018 developer Comments

The sense of smell diminishes as people get older. This is natural. The process occurs gradually over the years and senior people may not even realize the change for some time. Good sense of smell is life saving since it helps one to detect fire, gas leakage and rotten food. It is also good for Read more

Hearing Loss as a Common Problem for Senior Citizens

July 27, 2018 developer Comments

Hearing loss is quite predominant among the elderly. Recent studies have revealed that almost half the number of seniors aged over 75 years have hearing problems. The condition is caused by heredity, aging, noise and disease. Seniors who suffer from the condition have trouble making or following conversation with family and friends. Additionally, it affects Read more

Dealing with Arthritis: Best Home Remedies for Seniors

June 1, 2018 developer Comments

Arthritis can be described as an inflammation of a joint or joints hence causing pain. Contrary to what many people think, it is not a single disease. The name arthritis is a casual way of referring to many diseases of the joint. Arthritis affects people of all ages, races and gender including retirement living Houston Read more

Mental Health: Tips for Seniors,Problems Prevention and Treatment

May 25, 2018 developer Comments

Maintaining mental wellness should be a top goal for retirement living Houston seniors and seniors all over the world. They are more vulnerable to mental health issues compared to young people. As a senior, staying connected with the world around you can help you prevent the depression that comes with ageing. Maintaining mental health for Read more

All the Seniors Should Know about High Blood Pressure

March 30, 2018 developer Comments

High blood pressure is a condition in which blood exerts a lot of force against the blood vessels. According to medical principles, high blood pressure that is also known as hypertension, is often brought about by blood pressure of 130/80 mmhg, and above.  The condition is also referred to as “silent killer” because it shows Read more

The Best Way for Seniors to Take Care of the Skin this Winter

January 17, 2018 developer Comments

Winter brings with it many changes – the landscape is different, the days are shorter, the weather gets colder. There are many activities to participate in within the independent living community, both outdoors and indoors, which are a lot of fun.  However, with the colder weather, our skin needs to be cared for more diligently. Read more

Best Tips for Seniors Not to Come down with a Flu

January 12, 2018 developer Comments

Winter is cold and flu season and retirement communities see their share of both. While a cold may have relatively minor symptoms, such as a runny nose, sneezing and coughing, the flu has more serious symptoms including high fever, aching muscles, chills, sweating, headache, fatigue, nasal congestion, sore throat and dry coughing. See your doctor Read more

Home Remedies for Winter Joint Pains Among Elders

December 27, 2017 developer Comments

Winter is here again, and this can mean many things to many people. There are holidays and family get-togethers, and also cold and flu season. Additionally, for many people in the retirement community, winter brings joint aches and pains. Many people, jokingly or not, state that they can predict the weather based on the pain Read more

The Benefits of Pet Therapy for Senior People

December 6, 2017 developer Comments

Who wouldn’t enjoy the warm, unconditional love of a puppy? Owning a dog or cat can put a smile on your face and provide many benefits – physical, social and psychological. Physical benefits Lowered Blood Pressure. Studies have shown that senior citizens who own a dog or a cat have lower blood pressure, caused by Read more

How to Deal with Allergies

October 23, 2017 developer Comments

As you walk around your independent living facility, enjoying the weather, watch out for allergens.  Some people are affected by allergies worse than others, and those with a family history of allergies are at a higher risk of developing them.  Allergies are a major concern in the senior health space, as symptoms can go from Read more