Retirement is High Time to Make New Friends

August 24, 2018 developer Comments

Several studies have revealed that social connections such as spending time with friends helps to improve the quality of life as you get older. After retirement, you lose contact with your colleagues with whom you share lifelong experiences. This may result in loneliness and isolation, which is not good for the mental well being of Read more

Best Tips for Seniors to Save Money Even After Retirement

August 17, 2018 developer Comments

Life after retirement is supposed to be enjoyable and fun. Now that you have fewer commitments it is the perfect time to try out new hobbies and just relax. However, recent studies have revealed that most seniors face financial difficulties before and after retirement. This is linked to poor financial decisions and extravagance. That is Read more

9 Best Habits to Adopt after Retirement

July 20, 2018 developer Comments

After retirement people have to get used to new life. So they have to adopt new habits to make your life easier.  As a senior in retirement living Houston community, you need to adjust your lifestyle by setting goals, planning your expenditure and focusing on your well being. In doing so, there are some habits Read more

9 Activities You Should Try This Summer

July 6, 2018 developer Comments

The fact that you are older does not mean that you cannot enjoy the warm summer temperatures. There are numerous interesting activities that seniors living in retirement apartments Houston can enjoy during this summer. The main reason for doing this is to switch up your routine, get out of the house and have fun.   Read more

Don’t Forget! 5 Effective Techniques for Seniors to Boost Memory

April 20, 2018 developer Comments

Senior citizens tend to suffer from loss of memory-the ability to remember and retrieve information. For instance, they may forget people’s names, whatever it is that they were looking for or what they were going to buy from the shop. Those of us who have spent some time with a senior can attest to the Read more

Looking for a Job? 5 Best Job Opportunities for Retirees.

March 23, 2018 developer Comments

After retirement, many senior people become stranded. Most of them are not sure about what to do especially if they have been working their whole life. Sitting down for a whole day is just unbearable. At senior age you need to keep the brain engaged. Retirement works negatively to this principle because it renders you Read more

The Main Benefits of Staying Social during Retirement

November 24, 2017 developer Comments

Those of us who are recently retired may miss the social interaction we had during our working life. Retirement offers freedom from having to work, but often loneliness may creep in. It is important to stay social, not only to prevent boredom but for your health as well. According to a study conducted at Brigham-Young Read more

Retiring in Houston: Pros and Cons for Space City Seniors

November 14, 2017 developer Comments

Looking for the best place to retire? Have you had enough of cold winters, icy sidewalks and below freezing temperatures? Do warm, sunny days in a culturally diverse city appeal to you? If so, you may want to consider Houston! Cultural diversity Houston is a large cosmopolitan city, home to over 2 million people! Here Read more

Whom Is Our Independent Living Community For?

August 8, 2017 developer Comments

When you hear the words independent living community, what type of reaction does that trigger within you? Chances are that you might consider an independent living community for yourself or a loved one. If you think that an independent living community is only intended for a single type of audience, you could not be more Read more

How to Redesign A House for Your Aging Parents?

January 25, 2017 developer Comments

When we age, we deal with significant lifestyle changes and nothing is truer than for those who are living in a home for elderly parents or a senior living facility. Even when living in a retirement community the individual will experience a whole new approach to living. There are ways to adapt the senior living Read more