The Best Gifts for Seniors This Christmas

December 23, 2016 developer Comments

Sometimes finding a Christmas gift for the senior in your life isn’t easy. Most seniors have more stuff than they could ever use. So, what can you give someone who already has more personalized mugs, bath oils and slippers filling up the cupboards and closets. Well, below are some Christmas gifts ideas which may be Read more

Art Therapy: Benefits of Adult Coloring Books for Seniors

December 15, 2016 developer Comments

Coloring books aren’t just for children anymore but for adults too. Adult coloring books can be found in bookstores; big chain stores and even online. One thing to keep in mind, is that quality in what is colored plus the tools used can make all the difference. Colored pencils are a good start and watercolor Read more

Dealing with Loss of Appetite in the Elderly

December 8, 2016 developer Comments

When your loved develops a loss of appetite and doesn’t want to eat, whether at home or in an independent living facility, it could be a warning sign of something else. It is common, however, for appetites to change as a person ages but different factors could contribute to it. There could be a lack Read more

How Couples Can Benefit from Living in Senior Communities

November 3, 2016 developer Comments

There are many benefits to older couples moving into an independent living community. Because seniors have worked all their lives, raised children and want to downsize, retire and live a simpler life, a senior independent living community may be the right option. The communities also have different options to choose from if the health of Read more

5 Ways to Boost Your Energy

October 27, 2016 developer Comments

Just because a senior is getting older doesn’t mean that only a rocking chair on the front porch is in the near future. Because by developing healthy eating habits, the quality of life in the golden years of senior living can be enhanced. Also, along with a daily routine of eating right, exercise boosts energy Read more

5 Common Myths About Aging

October 20, 2016 developer Comments

There are many myths about aging, and many of them aren’t even close to the truth. For instance, instead of the “old age home” many people picture, senior independent living is more of what’s going on in the senior community. So what other stereotypes are believed, but false? Well, to answer this, below is a Read more

How to Keep Your Bones Strong as You Age

October 13, 2016 developer Comments

Because bones are the entire support system of your body, keeping them healthy is important. Factors such as diet, genetics and how much bone mass you built up as a teenager all contribute to how much bone mass you have as you age also. Since more bone mass is lost after age 30 than the Read more

Fun Autumn Activities for Seniors

October 4, 2016 developer Comments

With the hot days of summer in the past, seniors can now look forward to the coming cooler fall weather. Along with this weather are autumn activities for seniors to try that are new or familiar. Some of these activities can be enjoyed alone, or if your independent living community has planned activities, enjoyed with Read more

The Gardens at Spring Shadows: What Are You Waiting For?

September 30, 2016 developer Comments

We offer active, affordable living for seniors in spacious one and two bedroom apartments. Watch the video to find out more about our community or contact us: 713-462-6444   [fullscreenvideo videourl=””]

The Importance of Dental Hygiene

September 12, 2016 developer Comments

Dental hygiene’s important for the elderly. So whether you have a dentist in your retirement community or elsewhere, keeping appointments is necessary. One reason is age affects dental health, and further good dental health prevents other medical conditions. Now achieving solid dental health can be harder for seniors because flossing and brushing can become difficult Read more