Five Places In Houston, TX Our Residents Like To Visit

March 13, 2017 developer Comments

People who think about senior living often assume that nothing is going on throughout the day – and according to our residents – they could not be more wrong! There are plenty of senior activities that keep our residents happy and entertained in Houston. We want to provide you with some different options that are Read more

Maintaining Balanced Emotions When Caregiving

March 10, 2017 developer Comments

When providing care for someone, it may begin to appear overwhelming to balance your emotions – especially if the person you are caring for is doing something to hurt your feelings. Perhaps you are taking caregiving too personally. However, how can you avoid taking this personal when the person you are caring for is family? Read more

How to Keep Busy After Retirement

March 1, 2017 developer Comments

So you have found after years of hard work you are ready to retire – Congratulations on achieving such a milestone in your life! After years of getting up early, driving to work, fighting traffic, and working all day, only to return home to the family and do it all again the next day, now Read more

Delicious And Healthy Foods For A Cold Winter

February 24, 2017 developer Comments

The colder winter months are a great time to have some solid, filling meals – but that does not mean that you should forsake healthy foods altogether. Especially for healthy elderly living it is important that you eat healthy throughout the year. If you want to have some delicious comfort food but do not want Read more

Triggers For Over-Eating During The Winter Season

February 16, 2017 developer Comments

With the winter season here and it is a time when we are prone to overeating. We might be more tired as the colder season is here so may exercise less and eat more. Some of us might get board or get cabin fever because we are stuck in the house all day because of Read more

Health Benefits of Swimming for Seniors

February 9, 2017 developer Comments

There are many health benefits for seniors who swim. It allows a senior to stay in shape without putting extra strain or stress on their bodies associated with exercising on land. It’s easier on arthritic joints because swimming isn’t a weight-bearing exercise. It also helps to enhance moods and improves heart health. Plus, in many Read more

Tips To Stop Procrastinating And Make Your New Year Resolutions Happen

February 3, 2017 developer Comments

The first month is almost over – and some people are already giving up on their first New Year’s resolutions in retirement. Especially after retirement, you have all the time necessary to make sure that you adhere to your New Year’s resolutions. How can you be sure that you make this year your own? We Read more

How to Redesign A House for Your Aging Parents?

January 25, 2017 developer Comments

When we age, we deal with significant lifestyle changes and nothing is truer than for those who are living in a home for elderly parents or a senior living facility. Even when living in a retirement community the individual will experience a whole new approach to living. There are ways to adapt the senior living Read more

How to Protect Your Vision as You Age

January 19, 2017 developer Comments

Of course, one of the most important thing to do for your eyes as you age, is to have regular eye exams. A regular routine eye exam can find or correct problems before they become severe. However, there are other ways to protect your vision as you age whether you live by yourself or in Read more

How to Stay Positive Through the Winter Months

January 12, 2017 developer Comments

Winter is upon us and so is the urge to hibernate. Cold snowy days and gray skies may make you want to sit curled up in front of the fire and not budge until spring. That may sound inviting, but it’s not the best thing for your mood. Getting out and moving around the senior Read more