Best Sunbathing Tips for Seniors

June 15, 2018 developer Comments

Extreme sunlight is harmful to your skin as a senior living citizen. The skin is said to become delicate and more prone to heat or sun related diseases with age. Despite the fact that sunlight can cause skin cancer and other skin diseases, it has a myriad of advantages especially for the elderly. Moderate and Read more

Dealing with Arthritis: Best Home Remedies for Seniors

June 1, 2018 developer Comments

Arthritis can be described as an inflammation of a joint or joints hence causing pain. Contrary to what many people think, it is not a single disease. The name arthritis is a casual way of referring to many diseases of the joint. Arthritis affects people of all ages, races and gender including retirement living Houston Read more

Mental Health: Tips for Seniors,Problems Prevention and Treatment

May 25, 2018 developer Comments

Maintaining mental wellness should be a top goal for retirement living Houston seniors and seniors all over the world. They are more vulnerable to mental health issues compared to young people. As a senior, staying connected with the world around you can help you prevent the depression that comes with ageing. Maintaining mental health for Read more

Cycling Safety Tips for Seniors

May 18, 2018 developer Comments

Cycling can be a fun activity for seniors. A lot of independent living Houston seniors and others across the world love it. Nevertheless, it should be approached with a lot of caution through appropriate bicycle safety tips and traffic rules. Many bike accidents involving the elderly are reported every year and that raises concern. Certain Read more

Happy Mother’s Day: Best Activities for Seniors

May 11, 2018 developer Comments

Mother’s Day is celebrated across the globe. It gives us the opportunity to shower our mothers with love as well as appreciate them for being there for us. Mothers receive millions of gifts on this big day. They also spend time with their children or grandchildren indulging in different fun activities. This includes independent living Read more

Essential Tips for Safe Senior Driving

May 4, 2018 developer Comments

There is no age limitation for driving. As much as we get more driving experience as we age, our mental and physical weaknesses limit our driving capability. Additionally, most seniors know that driving is one of the ways to maintain their independence and that is why most of them tend to hold on to keys Read more

Six Reasons for Seniors to Use Social Media

April 27, 2018 developer Comments

Although use of social media is associated with young adults, recent research has shown that an increasing number of senior adults is starting to use social media sites like Facebook, Skype, Instagram and Twitter. This is so especially for the younger, affluent and more educated senior adults including independent living seniors in Houston. The older Read more

Don’t Forget! 5 Effective Techniques for Seniors to Boost Memory

April 20, 2018 developer Comments

Senior citizens tend to suffer from loss of memory-the ability to remember and retrieve information. For instance, they may forget people’s names, whatever it is that they were looking for or what they were going to buy from the shop. Those of us who have spent some time with a senior can attest to the Read more

Spring Cleaning Advice to Make It Easy and Fun

April 13, 2018 developer Comments

Other that the sun and birds, spring is also a time to do some mega clean up for your house. Spring cleaning is a tradition that has been around for a long time. To some people, spring cleaning is a daunting and overwhelming task. It is even more difficult for senior citizens either living at Read more

Senior Stress: How to Recognize and Overcome

April 6, 2018 developer Comments

Stress is a factor common in all stages of life from childhood all through to adulthood. It is a major setback to senior health. Although seniors may have raised children, paid off their homes and retired, they still experience a certain amount of stress. This stress can be triggered by a wide range such causes Read more