Are You Psychologically Ready To Retire?

May 6, 2016 developer Comments

Retirement is a big step that requires determination, courage and emotional intelligence to take. And we’re not talking only about the financial aspect here (although it is something you should definitely consider). We’re talking about the actual psychology of retirement and how it relates to independent living. It’s unfortunately very common for people to dread Read more

Talking with Your Doctor: Useful Tips.

March 28, 2016 developer Comments

Communication is always important. Talking with your doctor and other healthcare providers is no exception. However, for some people, it can be pretty uncomfortable to do this. If you get particularly stressed about medical appointments and tests, take a deep breath, arm yourself with courage, and remember that clear communication with your doctor is well Read more

What Do You Know About Ageism?

March 16, 2016 developer Comments

You may not have heard the word ageism in a conversation or debate, but surely, you’ve seen what the word means in action. In our current society, ageism is a very common thing and it can have an impact on senior people’s lives. Here’s what you have to know about ageism. What is ageism? Ageism Read more

Lifestyle Changes Seniors Can Make In Order to Live a Healthy Life

March 9, 2016 developer Comments

The process of aging is definitely challenging. We need to know that some changes are going to have to be made as we age and, most importantly, that there’s nothing wrong with that. People can have satisfying, independent and meaningful lives if they’re willing to cope with life’s natural challenges. Coping with physical, emotional and Read more

Home Safety Tips for Seniors

February 26, 2016 developer Comments

As a caregiver to a senior, you have an incredibly important job: keeping them safe and cared for. They likely don’t want to give up their sense of independence, so be prepared to face some resistance. It can be hard for them to make changes at home that signify that they’re getting older. However, that Read more

Dangers of Seniors Living Alone

February 15, 2016 developer Comments

No one wants to lose their sense of independence, but as you get older, there may need to be some adjustments made for safety sake. One of those changes might include no longer living alone. It’s a big move, but one that could be necessary. There are some dangers to be aware of if you’re Read more

Tips for Women to Looking Fantastic at 55+

February 8, 2016 developer Comments

There isn’t anything one can do about the natural aging process, but there is absolutely no reason you can’t look positively fabulous regardless of your age. The following tips for women who are 55+ can help you look and feel fantastic in no time. Wear clothing that fits well  You don’t have to settle for Read more

Stay Connected! Use of Technology to Reduce Social Isolation and Loneliness

January 12, 2016 developer Comments

From computers and smart phones to Skype and social networking, modern technology has allowed us to better stay connected with the outside world. Unfortunately, many older adults still have little to no knowledge in regards to modern technology. According to data collected by the Pew Research Center, a mere six in ten seniors are Internet Read more

10 Best Films About Aging

December 30, 2015 developer Comments

It’s not always easy to find an accurate portrayal of the aging process. While comical films like ‘Grumpy Old Men’ and ‘Cocoon’, poke fun at the motion of growing old, it can be difficult to find films that focus on the senior psyche. The following films are considered some of the best motion pictures relating Read more

How to Reduce Stress When Moving to a Retirement Community?

December 14, 2015 developer Comments