Benefits of Music for Senior Therapy

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Benefits of Music for SeniorsMusic is an important aspect of life to people of all ages. It forges connections to major events and sweet memories. Studies show that music lowers stress, promotes productivity and improves relaxation. As a senior seeking independent living Houston and anywhere else, the benefits of music go far much beyond these three. When you listen to music, it helps to improve your social interaction, improve cognitive speech skills and much more. Anyway how do you integrate music in your life as a senior life?

Integrating music in your life as a senior from an independent living in Houston

Bringing music into your life as a senior is quite easy in this day and age.  Technological advancements have made it easy to access media and there are more live bands everywhere. You can try the following activities to make music an aspect in your life:

Play an instrument you played while young

Research has shown that hobbies like playing a musical instrument are therapeutic at old age. Such instruments help to improve your self-esteem, lower blood pressure and reduce heart rate.

Create a customized list of songs that you enjoy

With the help of the internet, you can get a song from any generation. The music selected should be familiar, enjoyable and suitable for clapping as well as dancing along. It should also be consistent with the mood you hope to encourage.

In an independent living community, have sing-along songs once in a while

Singing out loud together at a senior living community promotes social interactions.

Visit a live concert in your neighborhood 

There are many communities that offer live bands. Therefore, you should be on the lookout for such.

As mentioned earlier, music has a myriad of benefits to you as a senior citizen. Below are some of the ways in which music therapy can be beneficial to your wellbeing:

1.      It encourages exercise

Music can be a source of motivation during exercise, whichever type of exercise: cycling, walking, stretching or lifting weights. Playing the right music encourages you to get more physical exercise which helps in tern helps to maintain your independence and restore proper body functionality. It is said that even minimal physical activities such as swaying and clapping have a huge impact on your well being. 

2.     It improves memory and cognitive skills

Age makes you more susceptible to dementia. However, music can be a good remedy for your memory if you have dementia. Music not only helps in the treatment of dementia, but it also helps to prevent it. It boosts production of brain chemicals that stimulate positive feelings. Listening to music is a good way manage and process your thoughts. Research has also proven that music can help one to make decisions, answer questions, and speak clearly. It is also good in slowing speech deterioration in case you are living with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

3.      Alleviates feelings of isolation 

Now that you are less active, you could find yourself lost in their thoughts daily. Reduced hearing and speech ability at old age can also bring about isolation as well as loneliness. You could listen to some music to help alleviate this and lighten up your mood. 

4.      Helps to calm nervousness and stress management

In the same way that lullabies work for babies, music has a calming effect. A slow, peaceful piece of music invokes feelings of beauty and purpose. If your nervous system is fragile, listening to a soft tune can be an ideal therapy for this.

5.      It promotes social interactions

Music promotes a great sense of living whether you listen to it alone or in a group. It brings joy to the soul. Listening to the lyrics of a song and dancing to the rhythm brings joy to one’s soul. A happy soul finds it easier to interact and connect with others.

6.  It promotes general wellness

Music is known to lessen pain and discomfort without the use of medication. It promotes the ability to remember certain events and improves the overall wellbeing of a person.

By using music, you can cope with so much including your daily challenges and improve communication with our loved ones. You will also be able to lead a happier life in general.

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