Art Therapy: Benefits of Adult Coloring Books for Seniors

December 15, 2016 Julia Chubarov Comments
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Coloring books aren’t just for children anymore but for adults too. Adult coloring books can be found in bookstores; big chain stores and even online. One thing to keep in mind, is that quality in what is colored plus the tools used can make all the difference. Colored pencils are a good start and watercolor pencils will allow the senior to blend colors to make a soft, life like picture. Some independent living communities will even have coloring book social events where everyone can choose a picture of their choice and color among friends.

 Benefits of coloring

The benefits of coloring are both therapeutic and relaxing. It can improve a mood, help to relieve stress, promotes mindfulness as well as encouraging socialization and reminiscing among seniors. From a therapeutic point of view, coloring can improve dexterity, hand-eye coordination, contribute to maintaining motor function and release agitation.

 Being creative

Just the joy of being creative and being able to find that creativity in coloring can change a senior’s mood. Even in an independent living community center among friends, the mood becomes contemplative and everyone starts to concentrate on what they are doing. The up and down and back and forth movement will promote a feeling of calmness.

 In addition, even if the senior has Alzheimer’s, coloring pictures of things from daily life such as flowers, cats, cars, birds or other real images can bring about a feeling of happiness. With coloring, each person can progress at his or her own pace without pressure. Coloring may even bring about conversation if what the person is coloring jogs a memory.

 Another thing too, is that coloring is all generational, grandparents can color along with grandchildren, and adult children can color with their parents. It’s fun easy and will promote both enjoyment and relaxation.

 A coloring book is more than just paper and colored pencils, it can be a relaxing escape.

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