9 Activities You Should Try This Summer

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Activities to Try This SummerThe fact that you are older does not mean that you cannot enjoy the warm summer temperatures. There are numerous interesting activities that seniors living in retirement apartments Houston can enjoy during this summer. The main reason for doing this is to switch up your routine, get out of the house and have fun.  

9 summer activities for seniors in retirement apartments Houston

Watch an outdoor movie

Most parks host outdoor movies from time to time. If you can access one that is close by, this might be a great opportunity to enjoy your summer afternoon. Remember to carry a bottle of water to help with hydration.

Tend to a garden

Most retirement apartments have gardens and lawns that need to be groomed. With the favorable summer conditions, you could plant some veggies and flowers on the gardens. You could create one in case they are absent or find a community garden in the neighborhood.

Go on a picnic

Age may restrict outdoor activities during winter but summer is perfect for outdoor activities. Going on a picnic would be great. This could be done in your backyard or at a park nearby. Carry some food, brinks, a blanket and some music. You can do this with friends or family.


Hiking is an excellent way to spend time during summer. You get to interact with nature, view the beautiful sun and do some bird watching. This can boost your spirits and reduce stress.


Swimming could be done indoors or outdoors depending on accessibility. Have a great time splashing water around and enjoying the great summer warmth. Additionally, swimming is a good form of physical exercise that is will help you relax and also improve the movements of your joints.

Walking or jogging

Moving around is good for the body and mind whether one can walk or use a wheelchair. Moreover, jogging and walking are excellent forms of low-stress exercise which is good for the bones, muscle health and overall well being.

Try yoga or tai chi

Yoga and tai chi are amazing outdoor activities during summer. Both are low impact forms of exercise that help to maintain and improve mental agility. They also help the body to remain fit thus preventing falls among seniors.  


By volunteering you get a chance to socialize and bond with other people. Find a charitable or non-profit organization that resonates with you and lend a hand. You will also be able to gain a sense of achievement by so doing.

Playing games

There are numerous low intensity games that are fit for seniors. Games such as golf, volleyball and tennis provide a solid cardio workout to the body thus improving one’s health. Moreover, board games like chess help to keep the brain sharp. Generally, games are excellent for social interaction which is good for the mental and spiritual well being of seniors.

Staying active and socializing often can help a senior to stay healthy both mentally and physically. The good thing about living in retirement apartments is that you get access to all of this. Summer is great for outdoor activities although seniors have to be careful regarding the damaging sunlight effects. Staying hydrated and wearing protective clothes are some of the measures to take in order to stay safe during this season.

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