5 Ways to Boost Your Energy

October 27, 2016 Julia Chubarov Comments

Just because a senior is getting older doesn’t mean that only a rocking chair on the front porch is in the near future. Because by developing healthy eating habits, the quality of life in the golden years of senior living can be enhanced. Also, along with a daily routine of eating right, exercise boosts energy and helps seniors to maintain a healthy lifestyle. These two things and other tips below can help them with many of the challenges in life dealing with ageing. For further explanations:


When a senior takes a brisk walk it can jump start the person’s metabolism. Studies have shown that a person who walks at a brisk pace only 10 minutes a day has increased energy and a pleasanter mood. So taking a nice walk increases energy levels, not decrease them and makes senior living more enjoyable.

 Taking a Nap

Naps just aren’t for little children; seniors can benefit from them too. The key is to take a nap anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour to invigorate an older adult. The thing is not to nap after 4pm because it can cause sleep disruption at night.

 Eating Higher Protein Food

Carbohydrates will cause the body to produce serotonin which causes a person to become sleepy after eating. However, if meals are eaten that consist more of lean protein such as baked or broiled turkey, or chicken with a salad, it will give a full and energized feeling instead.

 Drink Fluids

Seniors are at a risk for dehydration for many reasons. Some of the reasons are medications which can decrease the feelings of thirst so that seniors don’t drink enough water. Also, some seniors have a decreased feeling of thirst as they age without even realizing it any way. Additionally, because dehydration can cause fatigue, making sure the recommended amount of fluids, about 2 liters a day, are ingested is important.

 Stress Management

Senior living can be stressful on a person who is dealing with not only physical changes, but the mental ones from ageing as well. This stress can be hard on the body, the heart and the soul. Mindful meditation is a wonderful option for seniors who are looking for ways to manage stress. Mindfulness has the person living in the moment which helps to reduce anxiety which reduces stress.

 Keeping energy levels up as seniors age can be beneficial for both mental health and vitality.

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