5 Summer Skin Care Tips for Seniors

August 22, 2016 developer Comments
Sun protection for seniors

Protecting your skin from the sun when you’re older makes sense. This is because your skin is more fragile, thinner, and more vulnerable to damage from the sun with aging. Also, since you are older now, your skin no longer can rejuvenate after being exposed to the sun for long periods. So what kind of precautions should you take if you’re hanging around the pool at your independent living community?

  1. Don’t tan: Tanning is an excellent way to get sunburned, which is both painful and can increase your risk of skin cancer. Plus; even if you decide to use a timed indoor tanning bed, you’re exposing your skin to the harmful rays of ultraviolet radiation. Also, even if tanning isn’t your thing, using sunscreen is advisable to prevent getting sunburns
  2. Your medication: Some medications may interact with sunlight, which can cause a painful sunburn. So always read the labels on your prescription bottles to see if there’s information about sun reaction. Some medications even advise staying out of the sun. Therefore; be sensible if you use sun sensitive medications.
  3. Also, make sure you apply your sunscreen often: Before hitting the tennis court at your independent living community, use at least 30 SPF. You will also need to reapply it every two hours if you’re sweating, to swim or in the sun for extended periods. So just applying it one time isn’t enough protection to prevent UV damage.
  4. Stay in the shade: You should always use an umbrella plus sunscreen if sitting outside. Especially if you’re sitting outside between the hours of 10 am and 4 pm. Also, wearing a sun hat and sunglasses helps to protect your skin from the sun. Additionally, it’s cooler under a tree and trees provide shade, so sit under them when you can.
  5. It’s important to moisturize: Applying moisturizer prevents water from escaping skin layers. So these products are good to use because older skin is more delicate, and the elements are harsher on it. Furthermore, older skin is particularly sensitive to dryness. But just because your skin is more sensitive doesn’t mean you have to stop living and enjoying your outdoor activities. Only find a product which is especially suitable for older skin and apply it often.

Protecting your skin from the sun and elements is essential for good health so that you can enjoy your life more.

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