5 Common Myths About Aging

October 20, 2016 Julia Chubarov Comments
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There are many myths about aging, and many of them aren’t even close to the truth. For instance, instead of the “old age home” many people picture, senior independent living is more of what’s going on in the senior community. So what other stereotypes are believed, but false? Well, to answer this, below is a list of 5 common myths and the actual truth:

  • As seniors age, the need for sleep declines: This isn’t necessarily true because a senior may need just as much sleep as when younger. What changes now is the sleep pattern itself. So there’s more of a tendency to have a shorter period of deep nighttime sleep and to take more naps in the daytime.
  • As a senior age, bones become hopelessly brittle: Osteoporosis is a disease which women and men both can be affected by. However, this disease is both treatable and preventable. In addition, having screening done for bone density is important, especially for women over 65. Also, doing weight bearing exercises and other exercise activity can help to prevent osteoporosis. Making sure to take enough vitamin D and calcium is important too as well as taking other medications which can now slow down, halt or even reverse osteoporosis.
  • Senility is lurking just around the corner: Actually the odds of acquiring senility, better termed dementia, at the age of 65 is about 5 %. By the age of 85, it rises to about 20%. Alzheimer’s is a common form of dementia, and the disease is linked to age. Seniors who are concerned about it should have an assessment done by a neurologist, geriatrician or a psychiatrist. Additionally, new medications can slow the progress of the disease down so early detection is very important.
  • Seniors are lonely and sedentary: Most seniors live alone and because they move into a senior independent living facility that doesn’t mean that they are lonely. Most seniors are active too, and men who are widowed are more likely to remarry than women because there are more widows than widowers.
  • Sex is gone by the wayside: The good news is that as long as seniors are healthy, their sex life can be too. The frequency may decline, but the urge may very well still be thriving.

Whether living alone or in a senior independent living community, a senior can still have many active and fun years ahead.

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