10 Best Films About Aging

December 30, 2015 Julia Chubarov Comments

QuartetIt’s not always easy to find an accurate portrayal of the aging process. While comical films like ‘Grumpy Old Men’ and ‘Cocoon’, poke fun at the motion of growing old, it can be difficult to find films that focus on the senior psyche. The following films are considered some of the best motion pictures relating to aging, some featuring a senior adapting to an independent living community, senior living community, or retirement community. Check out the following inspiring films that tackle the tough subject of aging.

1. Quartet (2012)
Quartet is a filmization of the 1999 play by Ronald Harwood. The story is set in a retirement community for musicians. During the facility’s annual concert to celebrate Verdi’s birthday, the celebration is disrupted by the arrival of Jean, the former wife of one of the residents.

2. Wrinkles (2012)
Based on the Paco Roca’s comic, Wrinkles is a 2D animated film that portrays the friendship between two elderly gentlemen, Emilio and Miguel, who reside together in a senior living community. The two make a plan to help Emilio, who is suffering from the early stages of Alzheimer’s, to avoid ending up on the feared top floor of the care home.

3. All Together (2011)
In the comedy ‘All Together’, five older adults decide to fight loneliness and isolation by moving in together, as opposed to moving to a retirement community. Dirk, an ethnology student, decides to join them so that he can observe the environment and write a thesis on the aging population.

4. Play the Game (2008)
‘Play the Game’ features both comedy and romance. David, a true ladies’ man, teaches his lonely and widowed grandfather new tricks on how to meet the woman of his dreams.

5. Reach for Me (2008)
Alvin is cantankerous old man living in a hospice facility waiting for the end. He soon gets to know his roommate Kevin, a young man with terminal cancer. He comes to understand the value of life, and embraces his final days, eventually falling in love with a dying woman.

6. Is Anybody There? (2008)
Set in 1980s England, ‘Is Anybody There?’ tells the story of a 10 year old boy and an elderly former magician who has just retired into the senior living community where the boy, Edward, frequents to discover what happens when the elderly residents die.

7. How About You (2007)
‘How About You’ tells the story of Ellie, a young woman who becomes responsible for temporarily running a retirement community for her sister during the Christmas holiday. Ellie is forced to deal with ‘the hardcore’, four residents with appalling behavior.

8. Away from Her (2006)
In ‘Away from Her’, a man copes with the institutionalization of his wife due to Alzheimer’s disease. He soon has an epiphany when she begins to have affections for another man, a wheelchair-bound mute who also resides in the retirement community.

9. Assisted Fishing (2012)
Dewey, a lifelong loser, tries to find fame and fortune by winning a fishing tournament, while beating his arch-rival. However, he’ll need some help from some unlikely folks to win, a group of seniors residing in an abusive nursing home.

10. Gin Game (2003)
Gin Game is a version of The Gin Game that was originally released in 1982. The modern version features Weller and Fonsia, an elderly man and woman living in a retirement community. The pair come to terms over a game of cards.

Good movies for the whole family to watch this holiday season! Watch, rewatch and share your opinion in comments!

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