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The Best Gifts for Seniors This Christmas

Sometimes finding a Christmas gift for the senior in your life isn’t easy. Most seniors have more stuff than they could ever use. So, what can you give someone who already has more personalized mugs, bath oils and slippers filling up the cupboards and closets. Well, below are some Christmas gifts ideas which may be useful for your gift giving this year:

  • A 31-day pill organizer: This is a great gift because it only has to be filled once a month. Some of these also have a reminder system. This system is a talking alarm clock, and it’s easy to see the time. It’s also loud enough even for seniors with hearing difficulties.
  • A voice activated grocery and errand list organizer: This organizer will sort each item as it’s being talked to into separate categories; errands separate from groceries and groceries into categories. It then prints the list on a piece of paper that can be taken with the person to the store. All your loved one has to do is press the button, state what is needed, and it does the rest. This is great way to cut down on shopping time and wandering through store sections to jar the memory saying, “I know what I wanted. Now what was it.”
  • A sleep sound machine: A sound machine plays soothing sounds which will help your loved one to fall asleep faster. It can play nature sounds or a white noise to mask outdoor and indoor sounds which may keep a person awake.
  • Light therapy lamps: These lamps are excellent for older people who don’t get outside as much, or to provide extra light in the winter time. The lamp mimics the brightness of the sun which helps the body to produce vitamin D. This, in turn, boosts moods and the feeling of well-being; especially for those people who suffer from Seasonal Affection Disorder.
  • Simple things: Sometimes just the simple things are the best gifts such as paying someone to come and clean the house every week. Or paying for the cable bill, newspaper or to have the yard work taken care of.

Hopefully, some of these ideas will help with your Christmas gift giving.

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