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How to Stay Positive Through the Winter Months

Winter is upon us and so is the urge to hibernate. Cold snowy days and gray skies may make you want to sit curled up in front of the fire and not budge until spring. That may sound inviting, but it’s not the best thing for your mood. Getting out and moving around the senior living community is the better way to keep your mood positive.

 Ways to beat the winter blues

If the winter season gets you down, here are some ways to lighten up your spirits:

  • Socialize: Put on your coat, hat, gloves and boots; brave the elements and visit with some friends. Plan a date for lunch or a movie matinee, or just go for a stroll around the nearest mall. Getting out of the house is the best thing for the doldrums.
  • Take a class: This is a doubly fun thing to do, you’ll learn something new and make some new friends. If you’re a little nervous about going by yourself, invite a friend from your senior living community to go along with you. There could be classes offered for a discount at the local community college.
  • Get active: When the snow piles up outside the window, just staying inside sounds inviting. Staying active physically even on snowy days though can be as simple as turning on your TV and finding a yoga workout or aerobic exercises on one of the channels.
  • Get some sun: Even though the sun isn’t always out on cloudy days, opening your curtains or blinds will give you some light. On the days that it is sunny, bundle up and go for a walk in the sunlight. Sufferers from seasonal affective disorder or SAD need sunlight to help with mood elevation.

Keeping you mind exercised as well

Another thing that you want to do is to keep you mind active as well. Read a book, do a crossword puzzle or a picture puzzle. Start a new hobby, anything to keep your brain going into hibernation with the weather.

 By keeping active and energized, you’ll be more than ready for spring.

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