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Health Benefits Of Cycling For Seniors

Most seniors understand that it is imperative that they remain active later in life. However, most low-impact exercises are often relatively low in pushing physical activity. Cycling is one of the better exercises that seniors can engage in. There are a number of different positive results for seniors who took up cycling later in life.

Reason #1 – It Is The Ultimately Low-Impact Exercise

Even though jogging is great for losing weight and getting in shape, there is intensive contact between the foot and the surface every step, and this places a great deal of pressure on the joints. Compare that to the energy being transferred much better during the circular movement that we make when cycling.

The continuous movement means that our cartilages are given access to nutrients, which in turn could prevent arthrosis. Cycling means a steady and smooth movement. There is no stress placed on the joints, but muscles are still engaged. Those recovering from injury would find cycling to be a perfect physical activity.

Reason #2 – Build Stamina And Strength

You do not have to be amazingly fit to enjoy a bike ride. There are numerous health benefits to just cycling through flat terrain at a relatively light pace. If you want assistance in pedaling and want to travel a bit further, many seniors have found that electric bikes are a perfect option for that. When you are cycling, you are not just training your legs, you are working out your entire body. This can help you build up your physique very quickly.

Reason #3 – Cycling Helps To Promote Good Mental Health

If you want to battle symptoms of high stress, anxiety, and depression, cycling is one feel-good exercise that is sure to do all that for you. A simple bike ride for seniors is going to release phenylethylamine, dopamine, serotonin – all important to make you feel happier and more alert.

Cycling is going to help seniors to socialize, helps to improve their confidence, and helps them relax. Especially when cycling in groups. You can increase blood flow to the brain which is also beneficial because of the transportation of oxygen.

There is no age at which cycling is no longer a smart option. If you want to make sure that you remain fit and see all the different benefits of cycling, it is never too late to get started. This is one of the reasons that we often encourage our residents to get together and bike together.

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