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Great Books To Add To Your Reading List

Most people complain that they are ‘too busy to read’, but seniors in senior living not going to have the same excuse going for them. We have a few different recommendations that draw from different categories.

#1 – The Healthy Seniors Cookbook

Even though many seniors in senior living want to enjoy the benefits of not having to cook for themselves, it might be nice to occasionally make a meal that is your own. This book is helpful for visiting grandchildren or seniors alike and offers simple and fast cooking methods. There are more 190 different recipes here that offer low cholesterol and low sodium options.

#2 – The Little Old Lady Who Break All the Rules

Any senior citizen who lives in senior living and wants a little more ‘action’ is certainly going to enjoy adding this to their reading list. The story revolves around a woman in a senior living care facility who fantasizes about robbing a bank. She and a few of her friends ultimately come up with a different plan to escape their facility.

#3 – One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

While many people are aware of the acclaimed feature film, the actual book deserves a great deal of interest and credit as well. The book revolves around feisty inmate Randall P. McMurphy (played in the movie by Jack Nicholson) and is set in a mental institution.

#4 – Sixty Things to Do When You Turn Sixty

For seniors who want to rediscover themselves, this is the blueprint written by a number of different authors. This is about finding out what truly matters in your life, building a legacy to stand the test of time, and doing what you love. There is always going to be at least one essay that you love, especially because there are a wide range of authors represented here.

#5 – Brain Games #1: Lower Your Brian Age in Minutes a Day

This book is designed to help seniors with a mental workout. This is thought to boost creativity, enhance memory, and sharpen reasoning. Every section in the book is going to be more difficult than the section before it. There are a number of different puzzle formats here  too, including word searches, math puzzles, mazes, anagrams, and logic puzzles.

Regardless of the reading preferences for your loved one, the better senior living options are always going to have a few different books on a reading list available. Regardless of preferences, there should always be something available for your loved one.

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